Bringly for Logistics Service Provider (LSP's) & Carriers

Becoming a more sustainable Logistics Service Provider

Increase your capability of sustainable deliveries

As a Logistics Service Provider (e.g. fulfillment center, WMS providers and other logistic companies), it’s important to optimize your logistics processes and offer added value to your customers in terms of sustainability, cost, and speed of shipments.

Your challenges and solutions as a LSP

Your business goal
How to solve

Scale & expand your coverage

Expanding Delivery Capacity

Bringly enables logistics partners to expand their sustainable delivery capacity in areas where their own network is limited, thus providing a broader and more environmentally friendly coverage.

Optimize existing capacities

Operation excellence carrier network

Via Bringly’s platform, carriers are able to deliver parcels in a more optimized way according to their preferences and strengths (e.g. based on their daily routes, capacities and availability parcels can be assigned).

Achieving CSR Goals

First, middle & last mile Multi-Carrier split

By utilizing our innovative process of splitting and diverse carriers, Bringly assists logistics partners in achieving sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals within a set timeline.

Lowering Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)

Dynamic Smart Orchestration & Routing

Bringly optimizes costs through smart use of various carriers and routes, enabling logistics service providers to keep their COGS low while offering sustainable delivery solutions.

Need to deliver better service quality

Preserving Brand Identity and Service Levels

Bringly understands the importance of brand identity and service quality. We ensure that logistics partners’ customers can maintain their brand and service levels, even during the last mile of delivery.

Our platform guarantees efficient, fast, and seamless last-mile deliveries, helping logistics partners meet customer demands and remain competitive in the market.

Technology gap with competition

Whitelabel Orchestration engine & Carrier Management

Bringly integrates the latest technologies to improve efficiency in planning and delivery execution, allowing logistics service providers to benefit from advanced tools for even better service and quality.

Built to simplify your transportations

Our platform provides a solution that allows you to streamline your shipping process and offer shared customers efficient and reliable shipping. With our services, you can save costs, optimize your capacities and increase customer satisfaction by offering sustainable and future-proof delivery options, thus strengthening your competitive position.

Access to Multi-Carrier Capacities

Sustainable Orchestration Engine

Uploading existing Carrier contracts

Guaranteed Cost Reduction

Combine Existing Carrier Contracts

Scalable Delivery Solutions in one Platform

Automated Carrier Management

Data & Carbon Footprint Reporting

International & Crossborder Shipping Capabilities

Why other Brands choose Bringly

“We have opted for a collaboration with Bringly, because they are the most flexible party. The sustainable nature of Bringly fit Dille & Kamille, because we believe it is important to reduce our CO2 emissions. The European coverage that Bringly provides has enabled us to significantly scale up the number of deliveries. With Bringly’s sustainable delivery network, Dille & Kamille will take its omnichannel strategy to the next level.”

Lucien, Omnichannel Strategy Manager
Dille & Kamille

“Sustainability plays an important role in our strategy, the collaboration with Bringly helps us in the BeNeLux to realize this. Reducing CO2 emissions in last mile delivery is an important step and we are delighted to be able to offer our customers bicycle delivery. With this collaboration we can integrate our online and offline channels even better, we make delivery more sustainable and reduce traffic in and around cities.”

Pieter, Supply Chain Director

“Bringly fits in well with Nubikk, because Nubikk stands for optimal service and with Bringly we can achieve that.”

Eljoenai, Retail Manager