Bringly Platform features

Modular features based on your needs

Scalable & sustainable shipping software for SME & Enterprise business

Ship sustainable and cost effective throughout Europe via our platform. Reduce your logistics and operation costs, while increasing your conversion.

Modular features for your organisation

  1. Access to multi-carrier capacities
    Bringly already integrated +100 local, regional and national carrier networks, enabling the seamless distribution of parcels across first, middle, and last-mile delivery stages. This integration allows for flexibility and optimization of shipping routes.

  2. Sustainable Orchestration Engine
    The platform is designed to prioritize eco-friendly delivery options. By intelligently allocating parcels to reduce the carbon footprint, Bringly helps businesses meet their sustainability goals.

  3. Cost reduction
    Leveraging advanced algorithms, Bringly automates the allocation and routing of parcels, ensuring the most efficient and sustainable delivery paths are chosen. Via a more efficient routing multi-carrier capacities and a combination between your and our carrier contracts, Bringly is able to reduce overall logistics and operational costs. By leveraging economies of scales, each logistic process can be streamlined.

Addiotional features for your shippings

Uploading existing Carrier contracts

Bringly allows businesses to upload their existing carrier contracts, enabling them to utilize their negotiated rates within the platform. This feature not only retains the advantage of pre-negotiated prices but also offers the flexibility to reroute traditional shipments through more sustainable delivery options.

When the platform real-time identifies opportunities for a more sustainable delivery option that aligns with the shipment’s requirements, it can automatically allocate these parcels to alternative, sustainable carriers, ensuring both cost-effectiveness and environmental responsibility.

Automated Carrier Management

Let us manage carriers automatically via our platform based on pre-defined SLA’s and KPI’s. Second line of support needed? Reach out to our service team.

International cross border Shipping Capabilities

With a focus on the European market, Bringly is designed to manage cross-border shipments efficiently, addressing the complexities of international logistics.

Enterprise-Level Integration & Security

Bringly’s platform can be integrated into the existing systems of enterprise clients, providing a seamless, scalable and secure solution for large-scale logistics operations.

Scalable Delivery Solutions in one platform

Bringly is built to cater to businesses of various sizes and can scale its operations according to the volume of shipments and the custom needs per organization, supporting both SMEs and large enterprises:

– Central Delivery Portal
– Check-out module
– Dynamic Capabilities call (e.g. zipcode & address check)
– (Branded) Track  & Trace
– Multi-Carrier Tracking (first, middle and last mile)
– Second line Customer Support
– Custom notification flow module
– Return Portal
– Claim Portal
– Crossborder module
– Post-Purchase Branding
– Data & Analytics Reporting

Data and Carbon Footprint Reporting

The platform offers real-time tracking and analytics for shipments, providing businesses with up-to-date information on their delivery processes and enabling data-driven decision-making.

Multi-location support

Shipments can be enabled from several stock locations to offer a complete solution (e.g. ship-from-store, hubs and owned and 3rd party warehouses).

Start Today with Sustainable and Cost-Effective Shipping

Discover how with Bringly, you can send all your shipments – from any location – in the most sustainable and cost-effective way. Don’t wait any longer, request a demo today.

With Bringly you can:

  • Easily ship with 100+ local, regional, and national carriers
  • Use our discounted rates or upload your own contract
  • Track your CO2 reduction in the first, middle, and last mile
  • Integrate with your current systems (including WMS & ERP)
  • Flexibly scale up with one complete shipping solution
  • Create a shipping experience that increases conversion and customer satisfaction
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