Bringly Multi-Carrier overview

One platform utilizing sustainable multi-carrier capabilities for each shipment

Manage +100 carriers and your SLA’s and KPI’s automatically via a single platform.

Our platform utilizes smart route planning and consolidation to reduce transportation movements and minimize CO2 emissions within a diverse multi-carrier network.

Always ship the most sustainable and cost effective way

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Always get the best shipping rates

Combine direct & our shipping contracts

Our platform analyzes available carriers and selects the most cost-effective option for each package.

  • Option A = Ship via our central (discounted) shipping contracts
  • Option B = Upload your own (direct) shipping contracts to our platform
  • Option C = Combine our central shipping (discounted) contracts with your own (direct) shipping contracts

By using our platform, you can save on shipping costs and increase your profit margins.

Constant carbon footprint optimization

Deploy the most optimal multi-carrier combinations

Our platform splits every parcel ‘s journey—first, middle, and last mile—and distribute it amongst diverse carrier networks.This approach ensures each delivery is executed in the most eco-friendly and cost-efficient way possible.

Offer sustainable last mile delivery

Deploy dedicated local bike & EV couriers

Within our urban sustainable delivery network only bike couriers and (L)EV’s are being deployed. These can be used for local deliveries (from shops or hubs) or these can be combined with other networks to also offer sustainable last mile delivery for online volume (from distribution centres). This network can be deployed white label for both merchants as LSP’s (Logistic Service Providers).

Start today with more responsible shipments

Discover how with Bringly, you can send all your shipments – from any location – in the most sustainable and cost-effective way. Don’t wait any longer, request a demo today.

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